Cosplay Workshops

Made To Fit You Cosplay

Friday 1:00 PM @ Cosplayer Hangout
Want to wear that sailor outfit you think it’s “too short”? Want to be daring and wear “just skin”? There are tricks of the trade to help you out! The best part is it geared to YOU and nobody else. Learn how to trick the eye and wear the cosplay that you want.

Sewing is fun, not a fear!

Friday 3:30 PM @ Cosplayer Hangout
Do you fear your sewing machine or just want to learn some of the basics so you can sew things yourself? Learn the basics of the sewing machine so that “scary thing in the closet” will become your best friend! We will be using sewing machines to sew some small things. Be prepared to fall in love with sewing!

Cosplayer Crane Ceremony

Friday 7:00 PM @ Cosplayer Hangout
On Friday evening at 7 pm outside the Cosplayer Hangout, we will honor the losses of our past and give hope to the future at the Cosplayer Crane Ceremony. With our “memory” paper cranes, we respectfully reflect on the past year and lift each other up through unity and togetherness. Each year the goal is to collect 1,000 paper cranes. Much like Sadako, we will offer up our efforts, hope and love in prayer for a better, happier year for all.*There will be origami paper and staff available in the Cosplayer Hangout to help you make your own paper crane for the ceremony.*

Wigs 101 – How do I put on a wig?

Saturday 11:00 AM @ Cosplayer Hangout
How do I take care of a wig? How do I get just the basic look of the character because it’s 3:00am and I want to get to bed? Get these answers and more at Wigs 101. We’ll cover basic care, wear, styling, cutting, and storage of many different style wigs. We’ll practice our wigs so you don’t have to use yours.

Wigs 102 – How do I get Clouds hair?

Saturday 3:30 PM @ Cosplayer Hangout
How do I get a high pony tail that looks good? There are so many things you can do with wigs to accentuate your cosplay. This is a continuation of Wigs 101, but with more advanced techniques like spikes, pony tails, and small curls. Big curls may be covered if time allows. We’ll practice on our wigs so you don’t have to use yours.

Cosplay Cosmetics 101

Sunday 11 AM @ Cosplayer Hangout
Makeup morphs your appearance to complete the illusion of any cosplay. Enter PsychicPsycho, a cosplaying cosmetologist. She will cover all the character makeup basics: foundations and consealers, highlights and shadows (contouring), wet vs. dry makeup, how best to emphasize your eyes, and so much more! Along the way, you will learn how best to care for your exact skin-type!

Cosplay Events

“No Fear Props”

~ A visual look on construction techniques centered on the “Cosplay Prop” ~


Sunday evening from 6 – 7:30 pm, in the Cosplayer Hangout, we are offering “No Fear Props” workshop which will provide an introduction on what can be accomplished with a (small) fist full of dollars, a little bit of time, a ‘can do’ attitude, and a dash of imagination.

Costumers often run into barriers that prevent the completion of their projects. We will discuss how to over come them: Planning a practical budget for components of a costume, and how to approach getting custom work done.

Members of the Audience will be selected for a hands-on demonstration of making: a prop weapon, a piece of armor, moving parts and a tool for the purpose of making portions of a costume. The skill levels will vary from beginner to industry professional.

During the Q and A session we will provide answers with the mindset of keeping costs down, while maintaining quality. So come and see how to eliminate the “fear” from making your next prop.

Host Bio:

Ben “Knightmaire” Kussmann is a self described “gear head” because of his love of technology, but we know him for some of his outstanding props and cosplay. His first cosplay, in 2005, was Trigun’s Wolfwood. The “Punisher,” The cross opened up to show the gun inside and weighed about 35 lbs, which he didn’t let limit him from accurate cosplay poses. He states, “I knew nothing about sewing, and found the costume piece by piece at local thrift stores.”

He followed Wolfwood up with the “Sephiroth” from Final Fantasy VII. This cosplay allowed him to work with integrating electronics, fiberglass and leather for a very realistic Costume. Building from these experiences more complicated cosplays were planned. Lan Fang, Roy Mustang, and armored Alphonse Elric from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood debuted @ FanimeCon 2011 along with Master Xehanort from Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. Other costumes include Rin from Fate/Stay Night, Clare from Claymore.

Ben is a network administrator by day, and a RTS, FPS, and RPG gamer by night. Some of his hobbies include: Building/Hacking, RC airplanes, paintball, computers, & Dungeons & Dragons. He says his favorite anime is, “Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,” but we can also throw in Beserk, Fate/Stay Night, and Claymore.

Chopped Cosplay

~ A timed team competition of Smash Brothers cosplay construction ~


Are you a fan of Food Network’s Chopped? Do you cosplay? Are you able to make an outfit from almost any material? If so, Chopped Cosplay may be the competition made just for you and your friends.

Four teams start the competition, but who will be the last team standing? Round by round the teams will be challenged to complete the next portion of a Smash Bros character cosplay using some crazy and amusing “secret ingredients.” Teams will be judged on ingenuity, likeness, and presentation. This could be their most challenging cosplay ever, but what’s cosplay without a good challenge?!?

We haven’t forgotten our audience either! Commodore Mackintosh – with his witty humor and “everything’s game” attitude – will keep you guessing and laughing the entire show! And if that weren’t enough we have added experienced cosplayers as judges. This is a one-of-a-kind competition you’ll only find at Fanime!

So come see cosplay in a whole new light as we dish up this fun yet competitive cosplay competition in the Cosplayer Hangout, located on the 1st floor of the Hilton Hotel in the Market Room, Saturday 7 pm – 9 pm. You’ll come away with a new appreciation of Cosplay!

Questions? Contact To be considered, submit a complete team application by 11 pm Friday, May 17, 2013.