The rules are put in place to make an even playing field for all contestants. Please keep in mind that we at FanimeCon aren’t perfect, so mistakes can happen. If the mistake is found on your end, we will do our best to contact you and give you the chance to fix it. With the large number of entries expected, we can’t devote a lot of time to any one FMV, so some corrections may not be allowed. If the mistake is found on our end we will work as fast as possible to correct it. Remember we on the FMV staff work hard and will do our best to do right by all contestants.

A note to all contestants: please do not send your only or master copy, as all materials submitted will not be returned.

All questions and comments can be sent to: or


  • New mailing address
  • New Judge’s Point Scale/Extra Points
  • New Category descriptions
  • Movie Trailers added to Experimental category
  • New Bonus Awards
  • New Deadlines


  • Up to, but not exceeding, 2 videos may be submitted per entrant, organization, or group.
  • There is no maximum length for videos, but 5 minutes is preferred as the longest length. Keep in mind that videos of excessive length may be cut due to time constraints.
  • All videos may not have been submitted to any prior FanimeCon AMV event.
  • Any video with extreme sexual and/or excessive violent content will be automatically disqualified from the contest. Keep in mind that some nudity is artistic in nature, but any video that the judges deem in poor taste will be removed.
  • Specific dates and times for all FanimeCon events are to be determined at a later date.
  • Special seating will be made available for all contestants during the showing. Please be sure we have your E-mail and mailing address when submitting so your seating location, times, and materials may be sent to you.

Video Bumpers
Please don’t put opening or closing bumpers in your video if at all possible. We will be putting uniform title bumpers to all the videos ourselves. Having a bumper will not disqualify your video but will be edited out. If you do not want your video to possibly receive a bad edit, please do it yourself.

Submission Due Dates
All videos must be in the hands of the video coordinator no later than the Hard Deadline of midnight on Wednesday May 1st, 2013. Additional points will be awarded for all entries submitted on the Soft Deadline on or before Wednesday April 24th, 2013. All videos submitted will be tested to make sure that there are no problems with playback. If there are any problems, there is a short amount of time to fix and/or resubmit your work. Remember this isn’t school, so don’t delay – submit A.S.A.P.

Digital Submissions
All entries must be submitted in a digital format, this means no VHS, HI8, or BETA Max. To allow complete control over the final appearance and quality of the video submitted, and to prevent quality loss, it is in the submitter’s best interest to handle digital conversion.

We ask that you include a text file with your submission information. The inclusion of extra files sent in during your submission will not be tolerated. This infraction depending on the material sent may cause you to be disqualified.

Online Submissions
If you’re a very busy person, and a lot of us are, please send your videos online. You can send your file over the Internet via will handle files up to 500mb in size for free with out registration, and 1GB if you register for the FREE account. There are many other file sharing websites online and you may use any that you want, just don’t send links to any illegal or illicit file hosting websites. Remember all file formatting and type rules still apply. Make sure to send your video to After the video has made its way to us please send another email with all the info as if it were a mailed entry.

Note: Due to problems with downloads from the site and certain restrictions placed upon downloading, we ask that you DO NOT upload via Mega Upload. is preferred.

Info to accompany your entry as a text file with your submission(s):
* For every production group (or individual if a video was made by themselves)

  • Production Group Name (if applicable)
  • Full legal names of everybody in the production group
  • Mailing address (single address for the group)
  • Email address (single address for the group)
  • Phone number (single phone number for the group)

* For every video submitted:

  • Name of the video
  • Production group responsible (if multiple groups are submitting on one disk)
  • Song Artist
  • Song Title
  • Footage used (If your video uses more than 3 sources, you need only list “various”)
  • Category to be judged in

Mailing Media
Multiple entries may be on a single disk, and multiple disks may be in a single mailer. A letter and text file detailing all media included on the disks must be included with the disk and on the disk(s). All media must be turned in on time to meet all requirements for application into the contest.

Disks must be labeled properly with all info in clean legible handwriting.

Info to be included on the label of the disks:

  • FanimeCon FMV 2K13
  • Your full name and either your email address or phone number on each disk.
    • Note! If multiple individuals are responsible for the content of the disks, a single contact person must be chosen and that persons name included on top.
  • If the file is larger then 650 megabytes or 4.7 gigabytes please span it across multiple disks. Please use either (Winzip – .zip) or (Rarsoft – .rar) to break the file into manageable file sizes.
  • All disks must be clearly labeled in consecutive order as part of a set (example: 3 of 7 or XXX of YYY).

    If you wish to submit your file in another format to span media please email to confirm we can handle it.

    Info to accompany your disks, as both a written document and a text file on your disks:
    * For every production group (or individual if a video was made by themselves)

    • Production Group Name (if applicable)
    • Full legal names of everybody in the production group
    • Mailing address (single address for the group)
    • Email address (single address for the group)
    • Phone number (single phone number for the group)

    * For every video on the disks:

    • Name of the video
    • Production group responsible (if multiple groups are submitting on one disk)
    • Song Artist
    • Song Title
    • Footage used (If your video uses more than 3 sources, you need only list “various”)
    • Category to be judged in

    *** Note! Judging staff reserves the right to place your video in any category if they feel the video was misplaced. To avoid any conflicts we will contact you before this move.

    No media formatted as VCD, SVCD, or DVD-Video will be accepted. All media should be data formatted and readable as a simple file, usable on a PC or MAC.

    Your entry’s package must be properly labeled on both the package itself and the disks included. And must include the full name of the contest you are entering as follows:

    ATTN: FanimeCon FMV 2K13
    Your name and address

    Mail all entries to:

    ATTN: FanimeCon FMV 2K13
    C/o Jose Marin
    5176 Elm Ridge Dr
    Baton Rouge, LA 70817

    Note: This address is new. Please update your notes, friends, etc!!!

    File Formats
    We are only accepting files that are formatted in MPEG2, AVI, MP4, or MOV. If you choose to select a format that is different from the one’s listed we will contact you and ask that you change it’s format. Please, when exporting your files stay within official resolutions 720X480 or an HD size of 1280×720 and with stereo audio. Videos may be rejected if the resolution is too small.

    ASF, WMV, MKV, Windows Media, Flash/Shockwave Animation, Real Media, and HUFYUV Files are unacceptable.

    Suggested Programs for file conversion
    If you need to convert your video to an accepted file format we suggest using one of these two programs. MPEG Streamclip and TMPGEnc. Both are free and easy to use.

    General File Settings

    • 29.97 Frames Per second
    • Encode with an aspect ratio of 16:9, 4:3 is allowed but might be stretched during our conversion process.
    • If your original source was film or 24fps add a 3:2 Pulldown this will convert it to 29.97 fps
    • Please encode your video as deinterlaced. Interlaced is OK but we will deinterlace the video for the contest.
    • Video size must be either 720X480 4:3 Format or 1280X720 16:9 Format
    • Single pass set to a variable bit rate and select 16 megabits per second
    • If you use two pass VBR set to 2 megabits as the minimum, 8 megabits as the average, and 16 megabits as the maximum.
    • We have had issues converting certain codecs in the past such as YCrCb or LAM (LAME). Please avoid these if possible. We will contact you if any entries have converting issues and work with you to fix it as soon as we can.


    • Use Layer-II or Layer-III audio at 224 Kilobits per second or better
    • Choose stereo over joint stereo for best quality
    • Sample at 44.1Khz

    We have a lot of hard drive space available and would rather sacrifice size over quality. If you’re unsure of how or what resolution/frame rate/bit rate/audio settings to choose, please send the source file and let us do the conversion for you.

    *Note! When resizing your video the choice of maintaining the aspect ratio will be determined on a video-to-video basis.

    Events and Judging
    Judging staff will consist of FanimeCon FMV coordination staff, FanimeCon staff, outside technical and artistic judges, and AMV editors not participating in FanimeCon AMV events for the current year.

    Judging staff will separate all videos submitted into 4 genres as follows:

    • ACTION – Think Action, Adventure, Horror things that tell an exiting story.
    • DRAMA – Think Drama, Romance things that tell a story that makes you feel.
    • COMEDY- Think Comedy, Parody, just things that really make you laugh.
    • EXPERIMENTAL – Think outside the box! Movie Trailer AMV will be included in this category. (any FMV that pushes the limits and crosses genre barriers, A.K.A the ones we can’t categorize)

    Different notifications will be sent out to each contestant depending on how far they made it through judging. I will post copies of the Email’s on the forums and a description of what they mean to avoid any confusion.

    1st Email — This will be sent to you notifying you that your video has been received and logged into our system.

    2nd Email — There will be two different types sent out. Type A will be informing you that you have made it into the contest. Type B will be informing you yours was not chosen this year.

    3rd Email — This Email will be sent to everyone giving you the time, date, and seating arrangements.

    100 Point Judging Scale:
       35 Points — Skill/Technical Prowess
       35 Points — Creativity/Concept — “does the Video go with the music?” “Does your Music Video flow gracefully or does it roll like Square wheels”
       15 Points — Quality of Audio selection — “Does the music fit the tone or selection of anime used in your Music Video” and “Does the quality in general sound ok?”
       15 Points — Quality of source material — “Does you video have the DivX Logo? Does your video look grainy when expanded to full screen? Subtitles will hurt this score.”

    2 Extra points will be given to those who submit on or before April 24rd, 2013
    5 Extra points will be given to those that submitted properly — This one must be self evident, you need to submit the right information in the right format. Videos adhere to the submission guidelines regarding formatting, codecs.

    *Note! Please keep in mind that the 100 point scale and any extra points are assigned per judge on the judges panel. This means that every point has the potential to make or break a winner.

    The judging staff will view each entry and choose which entries will make it into the finals. Don’t despair – those that don’t make it into the finals will still be shown along with those that did make it into the contest during the con in-between programming during the convention.

    Award Classifications

    • Judges Choice: Judges Choice will be decided prior to FanimeCon and will not be announced until the Award Ceremony.
    • Viewers Choice: The attending audience of the finals judging will decide Viewers Choice. All audience members will vote on their favorite video by ballot.
    • Bonus Awards: Special awards in their own special theme that you’re able to get no matter what genre you enter into. (Think bonus stars in Mario Party) This year’s bonus awards are:
      • The “Best Minute Ever!” Award – Can you make an amazing AMV that clocks in at a minute long or less?
      • The “Life After Death” Award – Is your AMV focused on the undead? Are the stars of your AMV zombies, vampires, or ghosts? Then this might be for you!
      • The “Sickeningly Sweet” Award – Chibis? Cute Animals? CUTE CHIBI ANIMALS? Is your AMV’s cute factor over 9000? If it has tons of babies, cute furry animals, or is just overly saturated with super cuteness, then this might be right up your alley.
      • The “Satin Panties” Award – Can you make a provocative AMV with super sexy characters? Even more important, can you keep it PG so that we can actually show it? They can be laughing or blowing things up. It doesn’t matter as long as you think they look good doing it.

    Each genre will have a winner. There will also be two Best of Show awards chosen out of all submissions (one from Judges and one from Audience). One of each Bonus Awards will be given to the video that best represents the spirit of that award’s theme out of ALL entries. Awards will be submitted to all winners during the Award Ceremony, which is held during con. You do not have to be present at the con to receive your award but it would be nice if you were. Any awards unclaimed at con will be mailed out.

    Exhibition Videos
    Exhibition videos will be accepted and may be shown at other events during the con. If you wish to submit an exhibition FMV please make sure your documentation says that it specifically is for the exhibition. Otherwise it will be judged as a regular FMV and may or may not be disqualified.

    FanimeCon 2013 reserves the right to make amendments to the rules at any time.