Guest of Honor Panels

Panel Title

Guest of Honor

Anime (and Manga) for ParentsGilles Poitras
Chris Patton Shares Too MuchChris Patton
How Anime is Made with SatoYumi Sato
How to Draw the Power RangersT. Nonaka
Kaja Foglio - Girl GeniusKaja Foglio
Navigating TokyoGilles Poitras
Nonaka's History of Toy DesignT. Nonaka
Omori: Animation All-RounderTakahiro Omori
Perfect Combo: Omori/SatoTakahiro Omori & Yumi Sato
Q&A with 7!!7!!
Q&A with Darrel GuilbeauDarrel Guilbeau
Q&A with Takahiro OmoriTakahiro Omori
Sex Trade in Anime/MangaGilles Poitras
Steam Powered GiraffeSteam Powered Giraffe
The Works of Chris PattonChris Patton
Voice Acting in the USDarrel Guilbeau & Chris Patton
Voices of Durarara!!Darrel Guilbeau

Industry Panels

Panel Title


Deleter Neopiko2 Beginners WSDeleterUSA
Digital Manga PanelDigital Manga, Inc.
Gaia Online ExperienceGaia Online
GT Presents Pop FictionGameTrailers
h.NAOTO Tokyo FashionKincs (h.NAOTO)
VIZ Media PanelVIZ Media
The dolldelight Fashion Showdolldelight
eigoMANGA - Vanguard PrincesseigoMANGA

Fan/General Panels


Body Image and CosplayCosplay Armor: PepakuraHow to Pose Like a ProPocket Universe
Cosplay : Prop ConstructionCosplay Character ActingIntroduction to CrossplayWig Styling 101
Cosplay Armor: EVA FoamFace Your Cosplay FearsNetworking As A Cosplayer


Amtgard, a fantasy combat LARPHow to Make a Fight SceneIs It Real?Shinkendo - Sword Martial Art


?'s In The H47!?: Nerdcore 101Fennels LateNight Dreamworld2Kuroshitsuji Dance PanelPokemon Men Muscle-Thon
An Uncensored Hentai Review!Gamzee's Dark CarnivalLittleKuriboh UnabridgedTeam Lift Presents: V-Series 2
Anime Swimsuit ContestGamzee's Game CafeMarvel vs Capcom 3 Assist Me!The Comedy Club at Fanime
Cthulhu for President!Hetalia - All AgesNerd Comedy WorkshopThe Otalkku Live Podcast
Death by FanfictionHetalia: After HoursOne Piece Podcast PanelThe Return of the Comedy Club!
Dinner with SoapHomestuck: Dancestor HourPDM presents Dragon Mall QuestTrolling As An Art form
Fazio vs. AnimeHorrible HentaiPoké-Scandalous!Why the word duty is Hilarious


Banzai Arcade: Arcade EditionCon Horror Stories!Create That Hentai! (18+)Fanimad Libs After Hours
Banzai Arcade: RPGCreate That Anime!Fanimad Libs


Anime Goods Fan RoundtableShonen Jump Meetup

How To/Demo

Abridging a SeriesFanfiction 201: CharactersNicoNico Dance Tutorials!What the Fuku?!
Character Bento SecretsFanfiction 369: Sex!Sew Your Own Cosplay
Deleter Neopiko2 IntermediateJapanese Riichi MahjongThe How To Run A Panel Panel
Fanfiction 101: Story BuildingNerd CourtingVanguard 101


Gaia Feedback SocialHentai by Project-HPerpetual Motion's Games
GT's Timeline: Kingdom HeartsPacSet Tours: See Japan!


"Futuristic" video games!Handling Cosplay HarassmentPhilosophy in AnimeTribute to Cab Calloway
An Intro to BroniesHenshin! Tokusatsu PanelPokemon Adventures and YouTricking in Anime and Cinema
Artist Alley: Survival GuideHow 2 Dota 2PVC Panic: Figure FanaticismVisually Stunning Anime
Best Recent AnimeHow to Make Your Own ComicRPG design for Anime fans!Vocaloid: The Fan Phenomenon
Cafe Verfuhren: BL Butler CafeInuyasha as RomanceShin Megami TenseiWant To Be An Indie Author
Collegiate Anime ClubsJapanese Food: A HistorySo You Wanna Learn Japanese?What the Heck is Touhou?
Demons!Japanese History Part 1Space Combat and RealismWhat's Wrong with CAPCPOM?
Diversity In CosplayJapanese History Part 2Super Sentai vs Power RangersWomen in the Leijiverse
Fansubbing for DummiesLearn Japanese with HentaiThe Dark Side of Magical GirlsWTF: Anime 4 You
Female Characters in AnimeLoli vs. LolitaThe History of LolisYu-Gi-Oh! 5DXAL Fanpanel
FFTC!: CollaboratingLong Live Lolita!The IDOLM@STER: A Fan Panel!Yugioh! Fan Panel
FFTC!: Laying the FoundationsMagikarp: A HistoryTogether, We Ride! Fire EmblemZombie Apocalypse & You
Figure Collecting for NoobsMecha Model Mayhem!Tokusatsu: Live Action Anime


Past & Future Comic ToolsWeird Manga


Awesomely Bad J-Music VideosEvolution of K-popIdol Sengoku!

Working in the Industry

FanimeCon Staff Artist Q&AForging Your Inner VillainKazu's Industry How-To Guide