Abridging a Series

Panels 2 :: Monday - 1:00 PM

1 hour

Are you a fan of the Abridged Series on YouTube? Do you know all the catch-phrases and jokes from your favorites? Then this panel is for you, where we'll discuss what makes Abridged Series great, what goes into making them, and make a special one-shot Abridged episode with audience volunteers.

Character Bento Secrets

Panels 1 :: Saturday - 7:00 PM

2 hours

Sponsored by Bento Anarchy.

Everything you need to know about making the cutest lunches on the planet, from Pikachu onigiri to a Hatsune Miku portrait from egg sheets. Basic and advanced techniques will be introduced. Magic wand not required.

Deleter Neopiko2 Beginners WS

Panels 4 :: Friday - 5:00 PM, Saturday - 4:00 PM

1 hour

Sponsored by DeleterUSA.


Deleter Neopiko2 is alcohol based color ink marker.Beginners WS will show you the basics of how to use the NP2 marker.You will have hands-on experience in using Neopiko2!High quality Manga papers will be provided, and provided NP2 markers are to be shared among participants during the WS.

Deleter Neopiko2 Intermediate

Panels 4 :: Monday - 12:00 PM, Sunday - 5:00 PM

2 hours

Sponsored by DeleterUSA.

Deleter Neopiko2 alcohol based marker Intermediate WS:Continue on with some more skills on how to use the NP2 marker.You will have more hands-on experience on using Neopiko2!High quality Manga papers will be provided, and provided NP2 markers are to be shared among participants during the WS.

Fanfiction 101: Story Building

Panels 4 :: Friday - 7:00 PM

1 hour

Are you a fanfiction writer looking to improve your writing, or a reader looking for pointers before picking up the habit? Fanfiction Writing 101 covers the basics of story writing: developing a plot, creating a world, how to set scenes inside it, and how to publish it online.

Fanfiction 201: Characters

Panels 4 :: Saturday - 1:00 PM

1 hour

Characters are essential to any story. Fanfiction 201 covers how to work with and further develop canon characters; how to create and develop original main, secondary, and antagonist characters; and ways to avoid common pitfalls associated with the dreaded Mary Sue.

Fanfiction 369: Sex!

Panels 1 :: Sunday - 9:00 PM

1 hour


Do you feel like your stories fall flat and just can't keep it up, leaving your readers unsatisfied? Fanfiction 369 will strip away the mysteries and give you the knowledge you need to finish the job! It's a perfect introduction for inexperienced authors. Now with more tentacles!

Japanese Riichi Mahjong

Panels 4 :: Sunday - 10:00AM

1 hour

Learn how to play *real* Mahjong, i.e. Japanese Riichi Mahjong, as featured in anime such as Saki, Legend of Koizumi, and Akagi, not the lame solitaire kind of mahjong.

Nerd Courting

Panels 3 :: Saturday - 9:00 PM

3 hours


From first glance to flirting, first date to first base, and everything beyond and between (*wink!*) everyone knows dating for nerds can be difficult, regardless of gender. This panel will cover all of the above in graphic and humorous detail! 18+ only please!

NicoNico Dance Tutorials!

The Dojo :: Saturday - 6:00 PM

2 hours

Want to learn how to dance bits and pieces of some fun Vocaloid, Touhou, and Misc. dances from Nico Nico Douga? Come on down to our dance tutorial panel! Dress lightly and prepare for dancing and fun!

Sew Your Own Cosplay

Panels 4 :: Sunday - 3:00 PM

2 hours

Sponsored by GNB COSPLAY.

Want to learn how to sew your own cosplay but don't know where to start? Well Ginger and Chloe are here to help! In this panel you will learn how to pick fabrics, change existing patterns into your cosplay, and finishing tips to make your costume look professional.

The How To Run A Panel Panel

Panels 1 :: Monday - 1:00 PM

1 hour

Sponsored by Luluko and True Damage Productions.

Do you have dreams of attaining fame, glory, and hordes of fangirls? Have you ever thought about running a panel, but weren't sure how to get started? Experienced panelists Luluko and KaitoAIDA will take you through the entire process of submitting and running a successful panel.

Vanguard 101

Panels 4 :: Sunday - 1:00 PM

1 hour

Vanguard. You've heard about it, but what is Vanguard? Or do you want to play, but don't know how? Come join us and learn all about the rules of the game and have a fun time playing some practice games with others in the audience - even the panelists - and win prizes!

What the Fuku?!

Panels 1 :: Saturday - 9:00 AM

1 hour

School uniform blazers. Everything about making them. How to sew perfect welt pockets. How to alter jacket patterns. Facings and linings, and why they're totally different. Everything you ever wanted to know about interfacing. Shoulder pads, sleeve heads, tailor tape, hymo.