Body Image and Cosplay

Panels 1 :: Saturday - 1:00 PM

1 hour

Cosplay is a hobby that can give us the strength to have confidence in ourselves... or complexes about our bodies. How do cosplayers react and cope when faced with scrutiny of fans and haters? We'll look at the dangers and benefits of becoming a cosplayer. Come share your story!

Cosplay : Prop Construction

Panels 2 :: Monday - 10:00 AM

1 hour

Want to make that sword or gun from your favorite show or game? Learn several beginner-friendly approaches to get you started, including foam and wood work, as well as an introduction to sculpting and casting.

Cosplay Armor: EVA Foam

Panels 2 :: Saturday - 11:00 AM

1 hour

Craft foam, EVA foam, L-200 foam. A versatile, lightweight, cheap medium that is friendly for beginners yet able to create amazingly complex items. Learn the steps to create your very own cosplay-friendly armor, from patterning to sealing, in this introductory-level panel.

Cosplay Armor: Pepakura

Panels 2 :: Sunday - 10:00 AM

1 hour

Pepakura is a method of using papercraft to create physical objects from 3D models. It's an excellent way for cosplayers to rapidly craft complex, detailed props. Learn about the exciting possibilities of this program as well as tip and tricks to help you get started.

Cosplay Character Acting

Panels 4 :: Friday - 3:00 PM

1 hour

Learn the dos and don'ts of acting in character so that you get more smiles than sneers. Questions are welcomed as we cover topics such as improvising, basic character building and etiquette all done in the name of adding an extra layer of believability to your costume.

Face Your Cosplay Fears

Panels 4 :: Monday - 10:00 AM

1 hour

Sponsored by Luluko.

Too scared to heat up your glue gun? Can't tell one end of the needle from the other? Don't know how to deal with haters? Cosplay can be scary, but it doesn't have to be! Cosplayer Luluko is here to answer your questions and make cosplay fun again.

How to Pose Like a Pro

Panels 1 :: Saturday - 12:00 PM

1 hour

Last year's How to Pose Like a Pro panel returns, bigger and better! Here we'll teach you essential techniques from fine art and filmmaking, and how to use them to improve your poses. We also cover tips for at-con posing, crossplay posing, and more. Cosplayers and photographers alike are welcome!

Introduction to Crossplay

Panels 1 :: Sunday - 7:00 PM

1 hour

Bacon-Flavored Cosplay presents an introduction to crossplay!Brother-sister crossplay team Eau de Decus and Kell-chan address both female and male body shaping techniques, make-up advice, and other tips to "pass" as the opposite gender. Questions are encouraged!

Networking As A Cosplayer

Panels 4 :: Friday - 6:00 PM

1 hour

Sponsored by Luluko.

Cosplayers nowadays can do more than just pose for photos in the hallways. By learning how to network, you can make talented friends and create amazing opportunities! Join Luluko - budding public relations maven by day, cosplayer by night - as she teaches the best practices for presenting yourself.

Pocket Universe

Panels 4 :: Friday - 4:00 PM

1 hour

Need to carry something? Learn how to design and sew pockets: cargo, welt, invisible & more. With hand-made samples and live easy-to-follow demos, we will show you how to sew custom pockets to fit your needs. Secret cosplay pockets? Custom con bag? This panel will teach you how!

Wig Styling 101

Panels 3 :: Friday - 3:00 PM

2 hours

Do you enjoy wig styling? Are you just starting out? Need to know where to find all the essentials? Wigs are a quintessential part of cosplaying and can make or break a costume! Join us this year and find out what you can do to bring your wig above and beyond what it can be!