Amtgard, a fantasy combat LARP

The Dojo :: Friday - 6:00 PM, Saturday - 2:00 PM, Sunday - 1:00 PM

1 hour

Sponsored by Amtgard.

Amtgard is a free to play fantasy combat LARP! We'll show you how to arm yourself with safe foam weapons and fight others in various battle games. Don't want to use a sword? We have archers, magic and monsters too! Join the fray!

How to Make a Fight Scene

The Dojo :: Saturday - 8:00 PM, Sunday - 2:00 PM, Friday - 3:00 PM

2 hours

Sponsored by Team Lift XMA.


Team Lift XMA invites you to attend a brief history of fight scene choreography, Freerunning and Parkour in film, as well as witness as the techniques used by the stuntmen of Hollywood films are demonstrated and broken down to an instructive level and taught to audience members.

Is It Real?

Panels 1 :: Friday - 4:00 PM

1 hour

"What's In The H47!?" in association with The Twilight Knights invite you to this blade basics lecture to learn about the differences between "Live," "Display," "Practical," & more in the areas of melee weaponry. Not sure why the same sword cost 30 at on place and 300 at another, learn here!

Shinkendo - Sword Martial Art

The Dojo :: Sunday - 10:00 AM, Saturday - 5:00 PM, Friday - 8:00 PM

1 hour

Sponsored by Tojokan Dojo.

You are invited to watch a demonstration of Shinkendo, Way of the True Sword. In it you will see the five interlocking rings of Japanese Swordsmanship:Suburi: Basic SwingingTanregata: Solo FormsBattoho: Combative Drawing and SheathingTachiuchi: Paired SparringTameshigiri: Test Cutting