Awesomely Bad J-Music Videos

Panels 1 :: Friday - 7:00 PM

2 hours


Japan has a reputation for being weird. Come and see just how true that can be with the most bizarre, hilarious, and downright insane music videos from the Land of the Rising Sun--or anywhere!!

Evolution of K-pop

Panels 3 :: Saturday - 10:00 AM

2 hours

Love K-pop? Old/new fans will enjoy this journey from the best bands of 1995 to the popular groups of today. Come join us as we explore the evolving trends of popular groups such as H.O.T, S.E.S., DBSK, Super Junior, Wonder Girls, SNSD, Big Bang, 2PM, SHINee, KARA, SISTAR, INFINITE and much more!

Idol Sengoku!

Panels 1 :: Monday - 10:00 AM

1 hour

AKB48. Morning Musume. Momoiro Clover Z. E-Girls. Super Girls. The current era of idol music in Japan is known as the "Sengoku Era" - the era of warring states. In this panel, we'll meet the major factions in this war, discuss who has a chance to make it, and who might be left in the dust.