FanimeCon Staff Artist Q&A

Panels 1 :: Sunday - 8:00 PM

1 hour

Join FanimeCon's official artist team for insights into how we develop the visuals and character designs for the convention.

Forging Your Inner Villain

Panels 4 :: Saturday - 2:00 PM

1 hour


No acting experience necessary - just a willingness to have fun while you gain cool insight into the voice acting process as versatile voice actor Lea Gulino guides you through voice placement exercises and basic acting questions to find and forge your inner villain.

Kazu's Industry How-To Guide

Panels 1 :: Sunday - 10:00 AM

2 hours


Learn how to make anime and games, and how to become a top industry journalist! Kazu from RUN AROUND:NETWORK will be present with several industry guests and bloggers who will cover just that, while also sharing current RA:N projects to inspire the audience, and an anime figure giveaway at the end!