In an effort to accommodate certain attendee needs, we are implementing a “Special Registration” line this year! Here are the groups allowed to use this line starting Thursday:

  • Artists in Artist Alley
    • If you are in a group registration for attendee badges, you must be the group leader to use Special Reg. The Artist must be present to pick up the group’s badges.
    • If you have helpers listed in your Artist Alley account, they must be in your group to use Special Reg. Helpers not in a group with their Artist must wait in the PreReg/AtCon lines.
    • Not in a group? You can head straight to the Special Reg line.
    • Email ASAP to make the appropriate changes to your groups. The deadline for any group change requests is Tuesday May 14. Please note: at this point we cannot add people to groups, only change the group leader.
  • Panelists
    • Please remember to bring your discount slips prior to purchasing your membership. If you come to the Special Registration line without your discount slip, we will not process your membership. You should have received prior information about the procedure for receiving your Panelists discount.
  • Disabled Attendees
    • Please notify the nearest Fanime staff member upon arrival at the Fairmont of your situation and we will be able to accommodate you.

If you have any questions concerning these procedures, please e-mail Registration as soon as possible detailing your questions or concerns.