Last Update: 4/8/13

Where do I go to sign up for a table? When do table signups begin?

Artist Alley registration is open. You can find all the details HERE.

How many tables can I sign up for?

Each artist may have a maximum of ONE table. You may also add one other Artist to the table. However, there may only be a maximum of two artists at each table.

I am part of a group. How is that handled?

There are no group signups. Groups are handled as seating requests; during the table approval process, please include a request to be seated together. Please be aware that while we do our best to accommodate such requests, they are not guaranteed.

What do I need in order to sign up?

During sign ups you will need to provide general information including your name, email address, type of art, etc. You will also need to list a link to a website showing examples of EACH type of work you plan to sell. Signing up for Artist Alley does not mean you have a table! Once you are approved you may then purchase the table. When purchasing the table you will need to provide your FanimeCon 2013 member badge number and your California seller’s permit number.

Is there a minimum age for participating in the Artists’ Alley?

The minimum age is 16 at the start of the convention. Any artist under the age of eighteen (18) at the signing of the agreement must have the consent of a parent or legal guardian while selling. An adult friend is NOT considered an eligible legal guardian. The parent or legal guardian will need to sign and complete the table agreement as well and include a photocopy of their identification

Do I have to pre-register for FanimeCon as part of Artist Alley?

Yes, but it is required only AFTER your table is approved and paid for. Pre-registering prior to table signup neither guarantees nor improves your odds of getting a table.

What if I don’t have my artwork appearing online?

Many artists use free sites such as Deviant Art for online portfolios. You may also submit image files of artwork examples by email to within seven (7) days of your table signup request. Please be sure to include enough information so we can match your submissions to your application.

Do I need a California Seller’s Permit at the time of my table signup request?

You do NOT need to have your Seller’s Permit at the signup time. However, you will need to have a Seller’s Permit at your table during the convention and will be required to give a copy to Artist Alley staff during check-in. Supplying the Seller’s Permit number during signup doesn’t remove these requirements, but it does help us keep the CA Board of Equalization happy.

Do I need to have a Seller’s Permit listing Artist Alley as the location?

Your Seller’s Permit must list the San Jose Convention Center as the location, and this will be verified during check-in at the convention. This can either be a separate permit just for FanimeCon, or by listing it as a sublocation on your general Seller’s Permit. Seller’s Permits are free, and easy to obtain online or in person. If you are from out of state, it might take a few days to get your Seller’s Permit in the mail so please plan accordingly.

Where online can I apply for a Seller’s Permit?

You can find instructions on how to apply for a Seller’s Permit at:

Can more than one artist be covered by the same Seller’s Permit?

More than one artist may be covered by a Seller’s Permit provided that they are from the same studio or business entity. If you have separate tables, you will each need a copy when you check in. Remember to include a request to be seated together during the table signup process.

How do I accept the Table Agreement as required?

You will be asked to agree to the Table Agreement online during the table signup process by the use of a checkbox. You will also need to bring a signed copy of the Table Agreement to check-in at the convention. If you are under 18 years of age at the time of signing of the agreement your parent/guardian will need to sign the copy of the Table Agreement/Release and Waiver of Liability and provide a photocopy of their ID. Do NOT mail in a paper form or submit a PDF copy unless requested by Artist Alley staff.

How many Artists can share a table? Are there limits to the number of people I can sign up for my space?

A maximum of two artists can share one table. During signup a maximum of two artists and two helpers may be named for one table. If your group has three artists you will need to purchase an additional table. However, during the Event only two people may be behind your table at any time.

What is the difference between an Artist and a Helper?

Artists create and sell their work. They are required to show samples of their typical work and to have a California Seller’s Permit. Helpers neither produce nor sell any of their own artwork during FanimeCon and are covered under their artist’s Seller’s Permit. Only helpers which will be handling money need to be included in your table signup request.

When will I know if I have a table?

When you signup you will be notified whether you are conditionally approved, or if you are on the waiting list. Artist Alley staff will then conduct an art review for all artists. A review of art is done to ensure to the extent possible that art for sale complies with the Table Agreement. Artwork is neither juried nor rated. After your art is reviewed and approved, you will be allowed to pay for the table. Once payment is received your table will be completely confirmed.

What happens to my signup request if the Artist Alley is full?

Once the Artist Alley is full, additional table signup requests will be put on a waiting list in order of their receipt. If tables become available, artists will be contacted by email. Please watch for announcements as to when the Artist Alley is full.

What are my chances of getting a table if I’m on the waiting list?

It is unknown how many waiting list tables will be approved. Artists on the waiting list are encouraged to seek other artists looking to share a table. A good place to do that is on the FanimeCon forums:,31.0.html

When do I need to send payment once I am approved?

Table payment of $85 must be completed by 5pm Pacific time on Friday, April 19th. If no table payment is received, your approval may be revoked and your table may be forfeited to the next artist on the waiting list. Payment is accepted through PayPal ONLY.

What is included with the table fee?

The table fee includes one six (6) foot by two (2) foot table for your use for the four days of the convention. The fee does NOT include Attendee Registration which must be purchased separately and can be found here:

Is WiFi available?

There is no public WiFi in South Hall.

Can I get access to electricity in the Artist Alley?

No. If you need any item recharged the Artist Alley Staff can do so at the Staff tables upon request. Any items left at the Staff table are at your own risk.

Can I play music at my table?

Music is allowed at an acceptable sound level as determined by Artist Alley Staff.

How do I check in at the convention?

On Friday, the Artist Alley will open several hours ahead of time for artists to check in and set up their tables. The exact time will be announced after table signups are complete. In order to check in you will need:

  1. A state ID, driver’s license or passport (student IDs will NOT count)
  2. Your FanimeCon 2013 member badge
  3. Two copies of your California Seller’s Permit(s). One for your table, and one for AA Staff to keep
  4. A signed copy of the Table Agreement for EACH Artist
  5. Minors only – The table agreement also signed and completed by their parent/legal guardian
  6. Minors only – A photocopy of the parent/legal guardian’s ID

Unless previously arranged with Artist Alley Staff, only an artist can check in a table and at the time of check in, all members of the table should be present. While you will be provided with your table number in advance you may not place any item at your table nor begin setting up until you have completed checking in.

What are the “stickers” used for?

Stickers allow artists and their helpers to set up and clean up each day. Anyone without a sticker can only be in the Artist Alley during public hours. Only those registered on the table account will receive a sticker. Exceptions may be granted by Artist Alley staff with advance notice.

Can I get space in both the Dealers Room and the Artist Alley?


Can I send someone else to the convention to sell my work?

No. However, if you are part of a collaborative work which another Artist is also part of and is selling, provided you give written permission to the other Artist to sell the collaborative work which includes your art, that is OK. Please see the Table Agreement for more detailed information.

Can a parent or friend help me with setting up or selling if they don’t have a convention badge?


I won’t be able to carry all of my merchandise in one trip in my suitcase. What should I do?

Dollys and handtrucks are prohibited. However Artist Alley staff have been able to negotiate for Union assistance to bring their merchandise in to Artist Alley for Artists who are disabled or require more than one trip. This assistance is being provided to Artists free of charge this year. You are also allowed to restock your table each day.

Are there restrictions on how I set up my table display?

Securing art or any construction directly to the Convention Center equipment such as tables, chairs, and walls is prohibited. Table clamps are fine as long as they can be easily removed, do no damage to the table and do not need things like tape to support such a construction. Using one’s own tablecloth to protect the supplied table and tablecloth is acceptable. Any and all set-ups or displays must not interfere with neighboring tables to either side or behind the Artist’s table. Any and all set-ups or displays may not block any of the aisles. All displays must be stable and not pose a hazard.

Do I have to be at my table 24/7? Is it okay to leave occasionally?

You are free to choose when you wish to stay at your table or leave. It is recommended to let visitors to your table know when you will return if you decide to leave your table.

Can I leave my stuff at my table overnight?

Items may be left at your table but keep in mind the room is not secure. Anything you leave in the Artist Alley is at your own risk.

Are there any items which are not permitted in the Artist Alley?

Hazardous items of any kind, on-site airbrush, enamel or oil paint-based artwork, makeup products, soap, skin care products and face painting services are not permitted. Balloons of any kind are also not permitted under any circumstances in the Artist Alley. Please refer to the Table Agreement for more detailed information.

Can I have food at my table?

You may not sell or hand out food or candy to attendees. You are allowed to have food or beverages at your table for your personal consumption only.

What restrictions are there on selling prop weaponry?

Weapons, except for cosplay prop items that are not already licensed in any form, are not permitted. Any weapon-like props must be authorized and peace bonded by Rovers immediately after sale. A copy of the FanimeCon Weapons Policy must be provided with every sale. Please contact the Artist Alley Staff upon registration request to be appraised of other restrictions that must be adhered to. For more information on FanimeCon’s Code of Conduct, including cosplay rules and weapons policy, please visit:

What restrictions are there on selling adult material?

All material that is inappropriate for minors must be covered and/or stored away. Customers must be of legal age (18) to view or purchase said material. It is the responsibility of the artist to verify legal age prior to the viewing or purchasing of said material by attendees.

What can happen to me if I’m found to be in violation of the rules?

Depending on the infraction you may be given a warning or you may forfeit your table and will no longer be able to sell. Please be aware that all persons at your table are responsible for following all of the rules of the Artist Alley.

How does the San Jose plastic bag ban affect me as a seller?

The Bring Your Own Bag Ordinance is currently effective since January 1, 2012. For sellers the new law states: “You are unable to provide free single-use carryout plastic bags to customers at check out. You may sell reusable bags or 40 percent post-consumer recycled content paper bags. Post-consumer recycled content paper bags must be sold for a minimum price of 10 cents each, and the sale must be itemized separately on the sales receipt.” For more information please visit:

Why is the location of Artist Alley changing this year?

This year Artist Alley will be located in the South Hall this year due to construction at the convention center.

Can you clarify what Crafts are not allowed?

Per the Table agreement, reproductions of any existing licensed merchandise in any form are not allowed. While this applies to all categories of art, there has been some confusion with crafts in particular. If there is a legal licensed merchandise of that type it is considered a “knock off” or “bootleg” and is not allowed to be sold in Artist Alley. For example: if Nintendo makes a plushy Pikachu, an Artist may not make and sell any plushy Pikachu. If TY makes a plushy Pinkie Pie from My Little Pony, then no plushy Pinkie Pie’s may be sold in Artist Alley. This also applies to hats, props, pins, pillows, and other such items. These are not considered fan art, they are considered knock offs.

Does Artist Alley have a list of all the legal items out there?

Artists are required to abide by the Table Agreement. This means youare responsible to know if there is licensed merchandise of the type you intend to sell or not. Anyone caught selling such items at your table, you(and everyone at the table) will be warned, or may immediately forfeit the table for the remainder of the convention. Artist Alley staff will have the final say on what may be sold in the Artist Alley.

I see there is a rule about no hand trucks this year?

This is a rule from the SJCCF. Artists may only bring their wares into the Artist Alley by hand in ONE trip. You may NOT use a hand truck, dolly, wire mesh cart, or similar transport to bring in your items. You may use normal sized luggage suitcases with wheels that are fully closed/zipped when transporting wares, backpacks, or any closed container, or bag carried by hand.

What Artists may sell in Artists Alley?

Only artists with a regular membership badge may sell in Artist Alley. Those with Professional, Industry, or other types of badges are not allowed to sell.
If you are a member of FanimeCon staff, you need to get approval from your Head and Fan Services to sell in Artist Alley BEFORE paying for a table.

Please feel free to email if you have other questions or concerns.